C.O.P.P- Chapter 1 Guest(obviously uninvited)

” What !?” (John)

” So our muscle-head did not as always”(Daisuke)

(Son calls me grandpa father muscle -head why do i even work here)*John mutters*

Because the pay is good “(Daisuke)

He can hear!!!”(Startled John)

” Now coming to the point the target we are covering is sure to be a victim today of an attempted kidnapping and if the intel is to be believed then it is Victor Alexi we are dealing “(Daisuke)

You…That is irresponsible you sent your son alone if I knew….”(John)

“Che! You would have if you knew how to read”(Hiroshi talking to the wall)

I know how to read…“(John)

“Muscle-head san know hows to read huh…”(still talking to the wall)

” Hey..”(John)

Silent!!! Now Then he has to survive this or else he can never fulfill his wish”(Daisuke)

“But master is this not that harsh…”(Hiroshi)

“Rather if he fails here, he is sure to fail there”(Daisuke)

“Yes but”(Hiroshi)

“And if that really troubled you would have gone”(Daisuke)

“Young Master will never fail”(Sparkling eyes)

“Sorry to interrupt we are just 500m from the cruise i will tell the captain to move towards it than”(John)

Daisuke dashes to interrupt John and incapacitates him with a chop ” This is a test.”

Meanwhile in the cruise

“Kids reflexive action is a bad thing as it leads to sticky situations like this one”(Katsuo)

(1,2,5 people is that AK-47 when will these terrorists get a new gun well good they haven’t though how did I get into this mess.Arg!!)(Katsuo thinking)

3 mins ago

“ooh a shrimp lets eat that to, now what next…”( Katsuo)


“Dat f**** my shrimp!!!”(wait is a pistol pointed on the person who ruined my shrimp.)(Katsuo)

Katsuo punches the attacker in the neck instantly disabling him for the shr..no for stopping him from shooting not minding the other guys with guns.


(So what now they not will stop now if I act dumb as the he flew quite a distance)(Katsuo)

“xxxxx”(Terriorst A)”xxxxx”(Terriorst B)

(Great this too)”Surrender I surrender”(Was it in my back pocket or front. Front! Bombs away)(Katsuo)

A black pellet falls down, black smoke follows. The one aiming  gets dragged by Katsuo using one hand while the other covers the face using a handkerchief, Others just fall as the smoke raises.

(No one else in this room.)*Uses his smartphone*(they are moving towards the Bridge, well he’s fine for now I should secure the civilians for now.)(Katsuo)


“Reporting! There seems to kidnapping attempt on the V.I.P. I have secured the civilians moving towards the V.I.P.”(Katsuo)

“Katsuo I have a question what were you doing when the V.I.P got dragged away.”(Daisuke)

“I was…Neutralizing the terrorists in  the room to protect the civilians.”(Katsuo)

“Not eating the dishes were you, which was quite far from the V.I.P.”(Daisuke)


“We were successful in hacking the feed”(Daisuke)


“You are going to be punished later for now just listen”(Daisuke)


“There a total 5 left, 2 in the bridge, 3 in a room near it.”(Daisuke)

“Got it. Advised approach.”(Katsuo)

“You decide.”(Daisuke)


“Oh yes This was planned by Alexi.”(Daisuke)

“What?! I never read this in the intel.”(Katsuo)

“This is a test”(Daisuke)*disconnects*

“For him too the same words”(John who just wakes up)

*chop*…..(john unconscious again)


Common overpowered protagonist C.O.P.P-Prologue

Sunny day, international waters, though the journey began from Africa now we are in the ocean.

The food served in this premium ship is equal to those served in many famous five star restaurant. Though I am not here to enjoy ” Party hall no suspicious movement Over.”
“You brat! Don’t say “Over” while using a cellphone. Damn kids these watch too many movies these days. Listen you have to mingle in that crowd. The way you are presenting,you might as well shout that you are a bodyguard.”
“Your words are my command. I am...”
“No idiot don’t take it seriously!!!”
“Haha I am just kidding grandpa.”
“You!!! who’s your grandpa I am only 23 years old.”
“Yes but for your intellectual it equals a 70 year old.”
“Says a 16 year monster! Now enough with the jokes. This may be your 50th mission but don’t be relaxed an be on guard.”
“Yes yes as you say my lord.”
The conversation ends the young man lets a sigh. The young man seems to be American with blond hair.

The door opens another man enter likely to be in his 30’s with a black moustache and a bald head  asks
“John did young master report.”

John answers with a wry smile ” Yeah, with his usual style of sarcasm.”
“Hey Hiroshi how was your talk with the army general in charge of the security detail.”
“Sigh..”Hiroshi replies” He shooed me away like a dog.”
“Che..”John reply with a hint of anger”They are always the same it seems. We help and they insult.”
“We are mercenaries it will remain like this forever” A man at his prime says “by the way how’s my idiot son doing.”

“Same as always”both reply in unison.

“Huh..He is not gonna change is he.”(W.R:Should i name him?)

“Daisuke-sama it is better he is this way after all he faced a lot”(W.R.hiroshi nice job using his name)

“Yeah I don’t need to be reminded of that.”(Daisuke)

“Sorry but master what have you thought of his wish. Are you going allow it?”(Hiroshi)

“If he succeeds this yes.”(Daisuke)

“It is not that hard a businessman’s protection detail.”(John)

“You really need to get need to read the intel provided we are sure to have guest’s today”(Daisuke)